Mitchell Clinton Photography | About
I started to play with photography in the early 1970's when a friend introduced me to cycling. He would bring copies of his fathers "Mirror du Cyclisme" magazines to school. I was fascinated and drawn to the emotion of the images. From there I started racing as a junior, I was never very good as a racer but excelled as a mechanic and in 1984 was hired by Mavic to develop a "Technical Assistance" program for the US patterned after the European program that would provide assistance to all the races of the "Société Tour De France".

It was during this time that I was able to start shooting the kind of action images that originally drew me to the sport. Thanks to an intimate understanding of professional cycling and the constant contact and advice from the working photographers of the day, I was able to develop my style. Starting in the late 1980's my photos were being published in the larger cycling publications, Velo News, Cycling Weekly and Bicycling. Since then my life as a professional photographer has expanded to cover many fields, but cycling has always been my specialty and my favorite. My work with cycling has allowed me to travel all over the country and many other parts of the world.

More recently I have relocated to to Southern New Mexico. An area full of old west history and natural beauty. I have found a new inspiration in the simple life and rugged beauty of the people and the area.

The Images on this site are available for for purchase as prints for personal display and digital for personal and commercial usage.